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Love N' Life, Living To Learn

Posted by Brock Jones on Mar 23rd

Brock offers us some good life lessons this week....

Hello! My name is Brock. I have worked at Love N Life since this past May. Since that time, I have worked in many different capacities. I started in our garden center, which sadly collapsed from the snow and ice in January of this year.I also serve as our landscaper and maintenance man. I have recently made the transition into the area of inventory management. Of course, I also provide customer service and have the benefit of talking with and getting to know our customers. Through all the positions, I have learned that I am a person that has a tough time staying focused. It has truly been beneficial! I am overjoyed to work in an environment that is uplifting and focused on seeing people have and enjoy creativity.

By the time this blog is posted I will have just been married. I am getting married on March 24th. I really believe that these past few months working for Love N Life have prepared me for marriage. The patience of God has been shown everyday through my Mother and Aunt. They have been so loving to me. In every transition, and low point they have shown me what it means to love without compromise. I have learned recently what true honor looks like. It looks like working for someone even if you do not understand how what they want from you has impact. Honor looks like respecting those older, and more experienced than you. I believe that this is what Love N Life is all about! Learning, growing in knowledge and experience, but never allowing your knowledge to go beyond your leadership.

I could not have learned that pear trees need to have other pear trees nearby to cross pollinate and bear fruit, had I not worked in our Garden Center. I could not have learned that the first appearance is the one that sticks, had I not performed the landscaping. I could not have learned that intentionality and inventory go hand and hand, had I not learned the details of that role. You see, if I had not gone through all of that, I would not have learned these simple things to help me kick start my married life. In married life you must know that if your spouse is not doing well, you are not doing well. She DOES care about the appearance of your, house, car, finances, clothing, and life. Intentionality can make or break your marriage. Your focus determines the outcome.

Love N Life is more than a job to me, it is a lifestyle. I act the same at my job as I do on the weekends. Granted, I do work with family, that most definitely plays a role. As hard as working with family can be at times, it is also easy, because it just feels like we are reaching a goal as a family. Hardship can come but our family has overcome in the past and will continue to overcome in the future. So, from me to our Love N Lifer family, I would like to remind you that you are an Overcomer!

And we here at Love N Life LOVE you!! I hope you enjoyed these words and if I haven’t yet met you, I cannot wait until I do!! See you soon!
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