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Love N' Life, Living The Unknown

Posted by Meghan Jones on Mar 16th 2018

This weeks blog is from Meghan...I love hearing her heart!!!

I have had the pleasure of being on this adventure of Love n' Life since the very beginning. From the time when my mom shared the vision with me (and me thinking she was absolutely crazy) to being able to see the fruits of it now. There was a vision set in my mom's spirit and it has been such an honor to be alongside her and the rest of the employees here at Love n' Life to see how God worked and still works in our sweet work place. Even as that vision plays out today, I can see our employees loving life and our customers being able to sense the spirit of God each and every day. The days were long and full of work and so much potential for growth in the store; and growth in the spiritual walks as well. I was so firm in the standpoint of being able to be there while Love n' Life grew drastically.

In August of 2017, I left Love n' Life to embark on the new journey of college. I'd have to say, even after coming back from college every month, I can still sense the growth of community relationships and the growth of our sweet little business as a whole.Coming to Love n' Life always reminds me just how important it is to really love life in whatever season you have been called. I know that I have been called to pursue a degree at Regent University; but there are days when I miss home and family, the peace of being at home, and just being at Love n' Life. The vision of my mom choosing to open at craft store and name it Love n' Life was actually preparing me for the call of God to move away and pursue my degree. And on some days when I just feel like giving up, I am often reminded of the importance of loving the life to which we have been called.

Coming from me, Love n' Life craft store has always been my safe place…now more than ever. The sense of welcome and love overflows and always makes it easy to come back. That same sense of welcome makes it so easy for me to look forward to spending my time there with the employees, just looking around (because I am not a crafter) and seeing the huge amount of growth that has occurred over the past several months of being away.

If there is one thing you get from reading this blog, I want you to remember that Love n' Life was my gateway to loving life no matter where I was, or what season of life I was in. It was easy working at Love n' Life because it is my happy place, but the biggest thing God taught me through that time was that He is planning something amazing and we need to love the season we are in now. The season may be no fun at all and it may be difficult, but he is going to make it so that there is joy in the storm. I know that me being a part of Love n' Life prepared me for the places he was going to send me and the things he knew I was going to do.

Coming to Love n' Life is so easy for me and it could be for you too! All it takes is a stop to see what God is doing through your local craft store.
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