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Love N' Life, Living It Daily

Posted by Michelle Warren on Mar 1st 2018

Hi friends,

I’m excited to share our next phase of growth here at Love n’ Life. Now, before you get excited, it’s not a huge, amazing, over the top, milestone type of growth. (on the surface). Honestly, it’s not even colored or textured or the next best thing in the world of crafting. Now, don’t get discouraged - we do have all kinds of new supplies here at the store. We’ve been recently blessed with the opportunity to add scrapbook items to our inventory. We’re also patiently waiting on the entire line of DMC embroidery colors to be delivered. We’ve increased our paint and canvas sizes, and just finalized arrangements to offer Cascade yarns in so many beautiful colors. As many of you know, crafting is a piece of our love n’ life endeavor – but we also offer fresh, free range eggs, straw bales, local honey from Wanchese and have placed our first order for local, homemade jams and jellies to be delivered in April. Like last year, we’ll have plenty of hanging baskets to freshen up your yard in April too. We’re also excited to co-sponsor our first Bible Journaling class, which will be held on Saturday afternoons in March at Charis Coffee Shop, in downtown Manteo.

The next phase that I’m so personally excited to tell you about is just this:our blog. To many of you, we’re the little craft store that opened in Manteo not too long ago. Amazingly, in just a few short weeks, on 5/5/18, we’ll be starting our THIRD year in business here. I’ll say, it’s a blessing every single day. A blessing to share life with you. To me, though I love the craft supply “prettiness”, I am absolutely in love with the purpose of this little shop. Every day I am blessed to see support from our local community; blessed to have friends visit us – sometimes to shop, sometimes just to talk…blessed to meet new friends – some on vacations with their spouses and family, others here with lifelong friends just passing through. My heart melts every time I hear people talk about the peace of this building. I love seeing our regular customers – just seeing their faces on a regular basis promotes a family feeling between us. We’ve had conversations in this building – conversations of every day life, struggles, happiness, celebrations…there’s been tears shed here and relationships born that will last a lifetime – and if the relationships themselves don’t last – the joy and appreciation that comes from them will last. We’ve enjoyed helping parents with last minute school projects and local churches and organizations with their community events. Many of you have seen my niece, Lyla here in the afternoons – she’s 6 years old and she gets off the bus here – and every day, she reminds me of our passion. You see, as she waits for her mom to get off work, she wanders the building…many times, I’m in the back office working on something…and when she sees a customer pull up in the parking lot, she’ll joyfully yell out to us: “We have company coming!!!”

That’s the purpose of this little Love n’ Life shop. We love you and appreciate you…and the craft supplies and market items are just extras for us.

We want you to know more about our hearts and lives, and for that reason, we plan to share a weekly blog with you. I’ve kicked us off, Melissa’s up next week, and we’ll also hear from Brock (my son), Melissa Kahn (our resident knitting expert, along with many, many other great talents), Meghan (my daughter)….and maybe even Lyla from time to time.

Thanks for doing life with us!

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